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Australian parents are going private early

Few will be surprised at news that demand for private preschools is growing as parents seek to guarantee their children a place at private primary and high schools. A child is no sooner born than the question of schooling arises in parents' minds. Many have already made the choice to send their children to private schools, and a private preschool is virtually another way to book a place.

However, another more powerful force is also at work. Governments have been reluctant to provide enough places at public preschools. Waiting lists there are long, and there is no sign of them dwindling. As with hospitals, this shortage provides an opportunity for entrepreneurs to supply the market. And why should they not? Someone has to. Advocates of state schools view the trend with unease, reasoning that once out of the state school sector, a child tends not to return. Private educators, they say, having got their foot in the door first, thus have a decisive advantage. That is true of preschools closely connected to existing private schools, but it will be less true of others.

Preschooling is a necessity in an age when both a child's parents usually work. It has obvious benefits for most children: they have opportunities to socialise earlier than those kept at home; in general they cope better when they do eventually start big school because they know roughly what to expect; they quickly acquire resistance to illness. There may be educational advantages also - some can read before they get to school - but too much emphasis on passing such milestones at this age rapidly degenerates into oppressive hothousing.

Whether society as a whole benefits from the early regimentation of a child's life at a stage when personality and imagination are still forming is a philosophical question which parents, hard-pressed in today's economy, do not have the leisure to answer.

Yet the growth of private preschools, and the drift away from state schools which it presages, should worry us. Education is being privatised - that we know. Where it results in greater choice, it is welcome. The doubt is whether present trends will continue to produce that result. Forty per cent of children in NSW now attend private schools, and the trend is gaining momentum, particularly in Sydney. In not a few suburbs, state school classrooms lie empty while parents - often simply anxious that their children not be left behind rather than wholly committed to private education - scour the neighbourhood for private places.

The State Government has tried to attract parents back with more selective schools and opportunity classes for the ambitious. But the result in secondary education is an ungainly three-tier system: selective schools for the brightest or most driven, private schools for those who can afford them, and comprehensive schools for the rest. It is inherently unstable, as the flight to private education shows.



The public school system was created for the state by the state. Whether or not one chooses to homeschool, one still must pay taxes to put others in a Godless, broken, education system. We might as well call it what it is however, and a public school tyranny funded by your family's taxes. But ask yourself what those taxes fund. Do they fund your child's education if you make the grave mistake (and sin) of sending your little ones into Satan's Synagogues known also as the public schools? No, your child does not get an education. An indoctrination is not an education. Your child gets indoctrinated by your tax dollars and the tax dollars of your neighbors who also have to pay for your child's indoctrination. But your child does not get an education.

People often blame the Government (and they should) and the school administration (and they should) for the bad education in this country. But those same people will defend teachers saying, "There are some good teachers." I suggest that the ONLY good teachers are those teachers who warn parents every day to pull their children from the public schools. All the rest care more for their paycheck than they care about warning the parents to rescue the children. It's that simple. Those same people would never defend evil prison camps by saying, "Well, there are some good prison guards." (Not that I'm comparing the public schools with prison camps because I wouldn't want to disparage prison camps...)

The system is corrupt and cannot be fixed. The system cannot be reformed. Institutions do not repent. The schools must go. "BUT WAIT," you say, "What are you saying," you ask. I realize that if we closed the government school system tonight, the following would take place:

* Children would be far less likely to learn how many earrings fit in their left nostrils.
* Children would be unable to experience the joy of being inspected by school teachers, administrators, and nurses who are latent pedophiles (you read in the news almost EVERY day of a public school teacher or administrator who molests a child, but it's such common news that it's often buried on page 13-C).
* If we closed the government school system then children could not learn the importance of an open mind towards homosexual experimentation.
* If we closed the government school system tonight then kids would not learn that truth is only relative, that whatever is good for you is right as long as you have self-esteem (the two Columbine murderers had LOTS of self-esteem... the school system really taught them well).
* If we closed the government schools tonight, I realize that teachers could no longer blame parents for bad children - The late 60s and 70s began the modern liberal thought in America's government schools and teachers who blame the parents (teachers always blame the parents) are speechless when you then ask, "Well, who taught the parents?" (Ask them, you'll see, teachers really HATE that question after they've blamed the parents for all their ills).
* Children would no longer believe the lie that they evolved from slime if we closed the public schools tonight, and without that important public school education they'll begin to see that life has more meaning than their teachers used to make them believe.
* If we closed the schools tonight, how in the world would the children learn that you can have sex with anything you want as long as a condom's involved somewhere along the way?????

How much of your income goes to your local school district? We paid almost $5,000 in property taxes, per year to one school district, before we moved to acreage to get away from as much municipal tyranny as possible. On top of that, how much of your other taxes go to schools, directly or indirectly? How much towards the Department of Education's programs, failed programs such as D.A.R.E. that have been proved to cause more drug use among school children? How much of your time is spent wasted - waiting in traffic behind stopped school buses (I mean, children jails) each day?....

The Columbine teachers taught a program called "death education" three years before the Columbine murders. They taught kids that suicide was an option and that death was not something to be avoided at all costs both for you or for others. Well, why not? We all evolved from slime, we're no better than animals, animals kill other animals. A reporter was commenting on one of the murderer's T-shirt that had this phrase on it: Survival of the Fittest. The reporter actually looked straight at the camera and said, "It's not really clear what was meant by that shirt." The only time the national media won't passionately defend evolution is when it would expose the foolishness behind it.

I suppose I must admit once again, those Columbine teachers really did their intended jobs. But the Liberal's nightmare always kicks in eventually: The Law of Unintended Consequences. "What? NOBODY blames the teachers for Columbine!!!!" (I hear you saying that.) I do. It's simple. It takes effort to become as dumb as a public school administrator. In fact, what does it take? It takes a degree in education to get that foolish. You're not born that stupid, you have to REALLY work at it. Who become the administrators? Only the "best teachers" get promoted to the administration positions.

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For greatest efficiency, lowest cost and maximum choice, ALL schools should be privately owned and run -- with government-paid vouchers for the poor and minimal regulation.

The NEA and similar unions worldwide believe that children should be thoroughly indoctrinated with Green/Left, feminist/homosexual ideology but the "3 R's" are something that kids should just be allowed to "discover"

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