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An affirmative action appointment shows its merit: A law professor who talks about the law while having not the faintest clue about it

Yesterday radio host Hugh Hewitt interviewed Rosa Brooks, a professor who teaches constitutional law at the University of Virginia Law School and columnist for the Los Angeles Times, who has raised the idea of impeaching President Bush for spying on al Qaeda terrorists' phone conversations with Americans. has a transcript:

Brooks: I think it seems to me that the NSA surveillance program on its face violates the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, and--

Hewitt: Now, you have read United States v. United States District Court, right?

Brooks: Uh, Hugh, you're pushing me here.

Hewitt: It's--

Brooks: Refresh my memory.

Hewitt: United States v. United States District Court, Eastern District of Michigan, in which the United States Supreme Court specifically says, Justice Powell writing, we are not going to consider whether or not the president can, in fact, conduct surveillance of this sort.

Brooks: What sort?

Hewitt: Foreign agents communicating with their agents in the United States, even if those latter are citizens.

Brooks: OK.

Hewitt: So they specifically reserved the question to one side, and the foreign intelligence surveillance court appeals board, in In Re Sealed Case No. 2 [link in PDF], also said no, the president has the authority to do this. So given that the federal authority--

Brooks: Well, you know, Hugh, I mean, you've got the case law at your fingertips, and I'm not going to challenge you on it, because I don't.

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Students Identified as Being of 'Unknown' Race Tend to Be White, Study Finds

(From The Chronicle of Higher Education)

More students are declining to reveal their racial or ethnic identity on their college applications, but, as it turns out, many of those students are white, according to a report released on Wednesday. The number of students whose racial or ethnic classification was reported by their colleges as "unknown" nearly doubled from 1991 to 2001.

The report, "'Unknown' Students on College Campuses: An Exploratory Analysis," was issued by the James Irvine Foundation, a nonprofit group in San Francisco. The study on which the report was based is part of the organization's Campus Diversity Initiative, an effort to help California's underrepresented students succeed in college.

Comment from The Corner

The Chronicle of Higher Education reports today that a new study has concluded that many students who refuse to check a racial box on their admissions forms are (horrors!) white. Here's my favorite paragraph in the story: "The study's main conclusion is that colleges need to collect more-precise data on the racial and ethnic backgrounds of their students. Otherwise, some students stand to gain an unfair advantage by being considered minority students in the admissions process." Now, let's see. "More-precise data"-as in, perhaps, DNA tests, birth certificates, that sort of thing? Great idea! And I love that "unfair advantage"-I mean, we can't let schools get away with mistakenly awarding a racial preference to which a student isn't properly entitled, now can we?


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