Thursday, December 18, 2008

OH: University Announces "Free Speech" Area

Deserving to be in the spotlight this month is the University of Cincinnati which has announced a policy that allows free speech in one designated campus area only.

Free speech is permissible in the specified area but only after being authorized and scheduled by the Campus Scheduling Office.

Those individuals failing to comply with the policy are threatened with criminal trespassing charges. According to F.I.R.E.,
A quick look at a map of the university’s West Campus shows that the “northwest section of McMicken Commons” is a very small area of campus, and that there are numerous other greens, commons, lawn areas, and sidewalks where students should be able to exercise their free speech rights.

It is truly shameful this public university--legally bound to uphold its students' First Amendment rights--not only maintains this repressive Free Speech Area policy but threatens students with criminal prosecution merely for exercising their constitutionally protected rights outside of the paltry area it has designated for free speech.
Notably, previous similar attempts to suppress free speech at other colleges have failed when challenged.

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