Tuesday, February 17, 2009

CA: College Sued for Religious Discrimination

(Los Angeles, California) In U.S. District Court, a lawsuit was filed last week against Los Angeles City College by a student claiming religious discrimination. The lawsuit stems from a classroom controversy regarding Proposition 8, the ballot measure approved by California voters that bans same-sex marriage.
Student Jonathan Lopez says his professor called him a "fascist bastard" and refused to let him finish his speech against same-sex marriage during a public speaking class last November, weeks after California voters approved the ban on such unions.

When Lopez tried to find out his mark for the speech, the professor, John Matteson, allegedly told him to "ask God what your grade is," the suit says.

Lopez also said the teacher threatened to have him expelled when he complained to higher-ups.

In addition to financial damages, the suit, filed last week in U.S. District Court in Los Angeles, seeks to strike down a sexual harassment code barring students from uttering "offensive" statements.
Sadly, similar classroom scenarios are played out regularly at colleges and universities throughout the U.S. Liberal educators have a stranglehold on higher learning and with regard to suppression of opposing opinions, they are masters.

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