Sunday, December 20, 2009

Reading Bible Called Inappropriate for School Quiet Time

(Old Bridge, New Jersey) It sure seems like Christianity is always flying standby on society's freedom of religion itinerary.
A teacher at the Madison Park Elementary School in Old Bridge, N.J., told a 3rd grader that the Bible was not appropriate reading material for quiet time, and ordered the girl to put the book away, according to the girl's parents.

Now the principal is apologizing, saying that the teacher made a mistake and that school policy absolutely does allow children to read the Bible or any other religious book during quiet reading time.

Michelle Jordat says her daughter, Mariah, cried when the teacher told her to put away the Bible. Jordat says her daughter's feelings were hurt and she was confused.
It would be nice to know if this incident were isolated or reflective of a generic anti-Christian bias in the school.

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