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Malik Ali Brings the Crazy to Irvine Speech

Zionists are responsible for the global financial meltdown, and President Barack Obama is a puppet for powerful white people who are gearing up for full-scale military conflict to colonize Africa.

Those kernels of wisdom were imparted by Imam Abdel Malik Ali at the University of California, Irvine last week. He spoke as part of the Muslim Student Union (MSU)'s "Palestine Liberation Week" on campus, an annual event that routinely features radical ideology and hate speech.

Malik Ali, described as a "hilarious hater" by a local newspaper, earned a reputation for "repeatedly cross[ing] the line from lambasting Israeli policy to promoting bizarre anti-Jewish conspiracy theories of the sort typically favored by neo-Nazis, as well as by giving voice to loathing for all Jews as a people."

The MSU, therefore, was well aware of what it was getting when it invited Malik Ali to speak, and he did not disappoint. He repeatedly dismissed Israel as an apartheid state, adding that any supporter of the Jewish state was inherently immoral. He derided what he saw as an American imperialism that is driven by racist power brokers and "Zionist Jews."

"The current financial crisis and collapse, the architects of it are Zionists," he told a crowd of more than 150 people. "Whether you're talking about [Alan] Greenspan or whether you're talking about [Treasury Secretary Timothy] Geithner or whether you're talking about [former White House economic adviser Lawrence [Summers] or whether you're talking about [Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd] Blankfein, or whether you're talking about [JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie] Dimon - I'm saying Zionism corrupts you, Zionism corrupts you.

"These are not righteous Jews who are doing this. These are not righteous practitioners of the Jewish faith who are doing this," he said. In fact, not all those named are Jews. But Malik Ali said they drive animosity toward Muslims in order to divert attention from their bad deeds.

"These are them who would mix injustice with their religion. And so in order for the American people not to realize that, again Islam and Muslims must be vilified."

That vilification apparently extends to the heart of the war on terror, which Malik Ali argued is made up of whole cloth.

"There's no such thing as al-Qaida," he said. "That's another okeydokey - that's another deception. There is no such thing as al-Qaida. Like no such thing as al-Qaida. No, no such thing at all."

President Obama is a mere pawn doing the bidding of powerful, colonial interests, Malik Ali said. They need a black face in power to mask their true objectives.

"Barack Obama is already in brothers and sisters, because the next theater of operations is Africa. Black Africa. That's the next theater of operations. That's why the troops are coming out of Iraq. That's why the troops are coming out of Afghanistan," he said. American forces already have been used in Somalia and Libya, and a few have been sent to Uganda.

"And check this out. They cannot have a white man in the White House bombing black Africa. You can't do it. Because if you have a white man in the White House bombing black Africa, it's gonna wake black people up all over this world . But if a black man is doing this, a black man with a Muslim name is doing it. And then they have the US-African command, which is designed to remilitarize and recolonize Africa. The head of the US-African command is an African-American general. Be very careful of just using color."

Malik Ali first warned people not to be excited about Obama within weeks of his election. The incoming president was "a very dangerous, dangerous deception" because Jews like Rahm Emmanuel and David Axelrod were key advisers.

America's first black president, Malik Ali said last week, has proven to be a tool for racists.

"The justification for empire has always been white supremacy. We have to do this to you. It's the white man's burden. How come they sit there in Iraq? They sit there in Iraq to teach the people how to govern themselves. Iraq has been here for like 5,000 years. But they have to teach the Iraqis how to govern themselves. It's the white man's burden. See the corrupting influence of empire at the root of it is the justification for empire. And that is white supremacy."

It would be easy to dismiss Malik Ali as a crackpot. In 2010, he endorsed terrorist groups Hamas and Hizballah. Speaking at San Francisco State University months after the 9/11 attacks, he insisted that Palestinian suicide bombers are not terrorists, but heroic martyrs who make their mothers proud. "And once you go up against a people who love death, more than you love life, you in trouble man! You in serious trouble!"

It is significant, though, that the MSU - considered among the most radical chapters of the national Muslim Students Association - continues to invite him to rant at its events, while still claiming to be a serious campus organization.

A California jury convicted 10 students from Irvine and UC, Riverside of misdemeanor charges stemming from an MSU plot to silence a 2010 speech on campus by Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren. Prosecutors argued that the group could not use free speech rights to deprive others of the right to speak. Internal MSU emails, obtained by the Investigative Project on Terrorism, made it clear that the students did not want Oren to be able to complete his talk.

Its opposition to Oren's speech was rooted in a passionate opposition to Israeli actions, they say. But the consistent presence of an anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist like Malik Ali at MSU events calls that motivation into question.

Still, supposedly mainstream Islamist groups and their allies hailed the students as martyrs for free speech, prosecuted solely for their faith and political beliefs. In his remarks, Malik Ali praised the "beautiful brothers" involved in the plot, saying "that what the Irvine 11 did was right, what the Irvine 11 did was righteous, what the Irvine 11 did was good, and there was nothing wrong with what the Irvine 11 did especially in the respect of being in the United States of America."

But his commitment to free speech stops when Muslims are offended.

He compared reaction to a campus incident in which the university president cited an incident in which a swastika was drawn on a Jewish student's door as an act of intolerance. But nothing was said when other students posted images that were supposed to be of the prophet Muhammad.

"How come that [swastika] shouldn't be tolerated and that is injurious and not the pictures of the prophet, peace be upon him, that they show him being disrespected? How come that wasn't put on the list? How come that wasn't cited as an act of intolerance? Why not? But no, at that time I'm told that the students the MSU were simply told that it is their right to free speech. What? Right to free speech? They have a right to put that type of information out there that is inflammatory; they have a right to do that? Okay, I see."

Muslims are convenient scapegoats for racist, colonialist powers to usurp American civil liberties and kill enemies, he said, warning, "It's gonna go beyond us and it's gonna hit other Americans."

This is protected speech, and MSU is free to choose its speakers no matter how extreme their message. It also provides compelling evidence that the MSU's judgment is driven by a hatred, not just of Israeli policy, but of Jews and others who support the state.


'Why do people hate Jews?' Shocking GCSE religious studies question set by Britain's biggest examinations board

Britain's leading examining board has been accused of 'justifying' antisemitism in schools after GCSE pupils were asked in an exam to explain 'why some people are prejudiced against Jews'.

More than a thousand religious studies students sat the test last Thursday, which was set by one of the three major English exam boards, AQA.

The bizarre question has sparked fury among teachers, parents, ministers and members of the Jewish community who have blamed the body for 'justifying' anti-semitism in schools.

'Clearly this is unacceptable and has nothing whatsoever to do with Jews or Judaism,' said Jon Benjamin, chief executive of the Board of Deputies of British Jews.

Rabbi David Meyer, the executive head of Hasmonean High School, whose pupils do not sit the AQA exam, said that the question had 'no place' in an exam paper.

'The role of education is to remove prejudices and not to justify them,' he said. 'The question plants suggestions and implies ideas that shouldn't be instilled into students.'

The question has caused such outrage that it has been carried to the very top of Government.

Education Secretary Michael Gove said: 'To suggest that anti-semitism can ever be explained, rather than condemned, is insensitive and, frankly, bizarre. AQA needs to explain how and why this question was included in an exam paper.'

He said that it was 'the duty of politicians to fight prejudice, and with antisemitism on the rise we need to be especially vigilant'.

However, one examiner leapt to the board's defence, saying it was a 'legitimate' question that pupils needed to be asked.

Educator Clive Lawton, formerly an A-level chief examiner for religious studies for another board, said: 'I do understand why people might react negatively to the question, but it is a legitimate one. 'Part of the syllabus is that children must study the causes and origins of prejudice against Jews.'

A spokesperson for AQA said that the question was part of a paper focusing on Judaism and the 'relevant part of the syllabus covers prejudice and discrimination with reference to race, religion and the Jewish experience of persecution.

'We would expect [students to refer] to the Holocaust to illustrate prejudice based on irrational fear, ignorance and scapegoating.'

She added: 'The board is obviously concerned that this question may have caused offence, as this was absolutely not our intention'.  '[The question] acknowledges that some people hold prejudices; it does not imply in any way that prejudice is justified'.

Ofqual, which regulates exams, said that it was in discussion with AQA: 'We will take appropriate follow-up action if necessary.'

Approximately six million Jews murdered during the Holocaust by the Nazi regime and its collaborators in the build up to and during the Second World War.


British teachers given 'overly generous' severance payoffs of up to £200,000

Official figures show that educational staff received packages worth tens of thousands of pounds after either being sacked or made redundant over the past year. Some teachers were given the generous packages to leave their school "by mutual agreement", according to information released under freedom of information laws.

Many signed confidentiality clauses, meaning the terms of their payouts are prevented from being made public.  But one head teacher in London was handed almost £200,000 from taxpayers for loss of office when his school underwent a merger.

Last night critics described the payouts as “overly generous” packages at a time when schools were under pressure to make budget savings.  According to a survey of London-based schools, more than 160 staff received the packages after losing their jobs over the past year.

Campaigners warned that it was “almost inevitable” that taxpayers in other areas across the country were facing similar situations.

According to the survey, Dinesh Ramjee, the former head of Henry Compton school in Fulham, west London, received £195,490 to leave after it merged with nearby girls' school Fulham Cross to become Fulham College.

Other payouts included a head teacher in Lambeth, south London, who was handed £117,500 after stepping down "by mutual agreement".

Another in Enfield, north London, received up to £30,000 after resigning and signing a confidential "compromise agreement". This meant no further action could be taken against the local council.

In south-east London, one Bromley teacher was given a "termination payment" of up to £22,000 while an unidentified Greenwich school staff member was awarded nearly £60,000 after being made redundant.

"Taxpayers will view these payouts as overly generous packages at a time when schools are searching for savings,” said Emma Boon, campaign director of the TaxPayers' Alliance.  “If it was happening on a large scale across the country, that would be worrying.”

But Russell Hobby, general secretary of the National Association of Head teachers, added: “Headship is an accountable role, and rightly so.  “But if we move people on when things aren't working or the role is redundant, we need to ensure they and their families are protected during the change."

Mr Ramjee, who stepped down from his role in August 2010 after 37 years in education, told the Evening Standard that his settlement, negotiated by union representatives, was a “private arrangement between myself and my governors and the local authority”.

A Hammersmith and Fulham council spokesman also defended the arrangement.  He added: “We now have one Executive Head teacher, instead of two, at Fulham College which has lead to substantial and ongoing savings for taxpayers.

“We have seen significant improvements in school standards over recent years and now boast some of the best and most popular schools in the country."

Last month, official figures released for the first time showed that 700 senior staff in state schools earned more than £100,000, including 200 who are paid at least £110,000.


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