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Student Paper Editor Claims Mustaches are Racist

The health and education editor of the student newspaper at one of Canada’s most prestigious universities has advised the world that Movember — the month-long pledge by men to grow hair above the upper lip to support men’s health awareness —  is “sexist, racist, transphobic, and misinformed.”

Let’s begin with transphobic. Which means it discriminates against women who have themselves mutilated so they can pretend to be men.

Haddad’s complaints about Movember are many. To begin with, he says, the concept discriminates against transgender people by linking masculinity “to secondary male characteristics, including having a prostate” and the ability to grow facial hair.

“To be completely clear, you don’t have to be a man to have a prostate, and you don’t have to have a prostate to be a man,” Haddad proclaims."

While women can’t grow a prostate (or be man), they can grow facial hair. And with the kinds of hormones being injected into the bodies of women who claim to be transgender men, they certainly do grow facial hair.

So Haddad is not only crazy. He’s also wrong.

"The English and cultural studies major argues that Movember “implies an archaic view of gender that implies that only a male/female gender binary exists, and that you aren’t really a man if you don’t necessarily identify with that binary.”

Close encounters of the third kind? Is there a third non-binary sex we’re missing? Like Mowen? And can’t you be a third gender and still grow facial hair?

He asks: “How are people who do not identify with that binary and have a prostate supposed to partake in this cause?”

I don’t even…

Haddad claims Movember is also racist because black males are “twice as likely to develop” prostate cancer than white males yet most people celebrating Movember are white.

So mustaches are racist because black men are more likely to get prostate cancer.

"Finally, Haddad aggressively claims that “campaigns like Movember help perpetuate” micro-aggressions–which he defines as “interactions between people of different races, genders, sexualities, and cultures that represent small acts of non-physical violence.”

I think this entire essay counts as a micro-aggression.

“Do some basic research, educate yourself on the issue, and think twice before growing a moustache this, or any other, November,” Haddad implores.

Because they’re racist. Just ask Billy Dee Williams [below]


Headmistress of British  girls' school tells pupils to hero-worship local mayoress NOT 'toxic' WAGS and pop stars like Miley Cyrus

The headmistress of an all-girls private school has told her students to shun celebrities like Miley Cyrus - and idolise a former mayor instead.

Charlotte Avery has been head of £30,000-a-year St Mary's School in Cambridge since 2007 and champions equality for women.

She fears her pupils at the Roman Catholic school are being starved of appropriate role models with pop stars like Rihanna and Miley Cyrus, as well as models and WAGs, getting too much 'toxic' media attention.

She warns that stars are heavily airbrushed and advises girls to look closer to home, at aunts and grandmothers, for inspiration on how to carry themselves.

Her latest tip is for the girls to see former Cambridge mayor Sheila Stuart as a role model instead of the controversial Wrecking Ball singer.

Mrs Avery said: 'I do think we want a variety of role models out there, not simply models or pop stars or footballers' wives.

'We actually want women who have an identity of their own, say for example sportswomen.

'They are advocating a lifestyle which is one of dedication and hard work and that actually failure along the way is part of the route to success.

'I think we need to look at female role models in public life so last year we invited in Sheila Stuart, who had been mayor of Cambridge twice.

'I think we need to be looking at women locally, so celebrate your mother or your sister within families.

'Who are the role models we aspire to? A grandmother, an aunt.
Mrs Avery warns the girls at the £30,000-a-year Catholic school are bombarded with distorted images

'It's important to get local role models, models within a town or city.

'At the moment there is a gross under representation of the majority of types of people and a gross over representation of a very false image and I think for a society that is very toxic.'

It follows a wave of criticism from prominent figures such as actress Emma Thompson lamenting Cyrus' high profile status in the media.

However, many accept that little can be done to change that.

Thompson said: ‘She made the choice of going hyper-sexual for a reason, and we’re all responsible for that, because that’s what we buy, and that’s what we click on. Those quick clicks are dangerous.’

But Mrs Avery refuses to accept the status quo.

She told Cambridge News: 'I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with Miley Cyrus and Rihanna per se, it’s just we don’t get anything else at all. There’s no dilution of that.'


Obamacare: University Event Distributes Applications and Condoms

To college students at the University of Central Arkansas, Obamacare just became a little bit more alluring. While the nation's economy might not be so hot, that doesn't mean the federal government has forgotten the power of incentives.

Take a look at what this reportedly federally granted group is using to promote application sign-ups:

 The Obamacare event took place at the University of Central Arkansas last weekend. It was hosted by a group called the Living Affected Corporation, which apparently has received a grant from the federal government to educate the public about Obamacare.
The event organizer spilled out a bag of condoms -- as a couple whoops and hollers could be heard from the small crowd.

Then she says, "Ok, if anyone wants a paper application," but she interrupts herself to pickup condoms that had fallen on the floor. "I have those as well."

"So when you're leaving, you can stop by my table and I'll give you whatever -- condoms -- that box has a bunch in it. Anyway ... Our corporation, LA Corp ... And I'm waiting on my dental dams and female condom order that still hasn't come in. If you ever need condoms, let me know because we have thousands -- boxes of magnums, we get magnums a lot. So here is the prize table."

The condom give-away was a training event with young Democrats, I'm told.

What to say, hmmm...Thanks Obamacare?


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