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British school inspectors asked 10-years-olds pupils if they knew 'what Lesbians did'... to check teachers were promoting 'British values'

Just an attempt by Leftist inspectors to discredit the teaching of British values

Ofsted inspectors asked ten year olds at a Christian school if they knew what lesbians 'did' to check they were being taught about British values, it has been claimed.

Grindon Hall Christian School has made a formal complaint over an 'intrusive' inspection conducted in the wake of the Trojan Horse controversy over Islamist attempts to infiltrate schools.

Inspectors are also said to have questioned pupils about transsexuality and asked if any of their friends felt trapped in the 'wrong body'.

The school is among a growing number to complain they have been unfairly penalised by rules designed to combat extremism.

There are claims that some schools – mainly those with a religious ethos or located in rural areas with few ethnic minority pupils – have been put under undue pressure by a new requirement to promote British values.

Grindon Hall, which teaches pupils aged four to 18, has a Christian ethos but no faith-based selection criteria, resulting in an intake that includes pupils from various religions.

Principal Chris Gray was a supporter of the British values initiative when details were published last year but inspectors' unannounced visit to the school last November led him to complain to Ofsted that the 'tenor of the inspection was negative and hostile'.

It was 'as if the data collected had to fit a pre-determined outcome', he said, and many of the questions 'seem to betray an underlying disrespect for the Christian faith'.

Pupils were asked whether anyone in their school had two mums or dads.

When the inspectors were giving feedback to staff on their findings, 'it was suggested that a response from one child to the effect of querying how it is possible to have two mums was viewed as indicating a lack of awareness of lesbian relationships', the complaint letter said.

'I understand the child concerned was merely thinking in biological terms. In addition, I have also heard reports of primary schoolchildren being asked if they knew of any boys or girls who thought they were in the 'wrong body'.

'Another parent has complained to me that her ten-year-old daughter was asked if she knew what lesbians 'did'.'

They also allegedly questioned children as young as six about their knowledge of Hindu festivals and the Jewish Torah.

He suggested that the questioning of pupils 'crossed the line into harassment'.

Sixth-formers at the school have also prepared written complaints, claiming that inspectors appeared to be 'manipulating' the conversation during group discussions about racism and homophobia, seemingly determined to 'discredit' the school.

The guidelines, introduced by the Education Secretary Nicky Morgan last year, require schools actively to promote 'British values' including democracy, liberty and tolerance.'

Other institutions said to have unfairly fallen foul of the rules include a Christian school in Reading, Berkshire, that says it was warned it could face closure for failing to invite imams and other religious leaders to take assemblies.

In another case, a high-performing primary school in Market Rasen, Lincolnshire, was marked down because pupils lacked 'first-hand experience of the diverse make-up of modern British society'. Inspectors made no allowance for the fact that 97 per cent of the population of the town is white.

An Ofsted spokesman said it would be 'considering the issues raised by the school' and added: 'Ofsted does not require evidence that schools 'promote' other faiths. Instead, inspectors must ensure that pupils are able to express views which are neither intolerant nor discriminatory towards others.'


Rev. Graham: End the Muslim Call to Prayer Policy at Duke University

Donors and alumni of the prestigious Duke University in Durham, N.C.,  a school founded by Quakers and Methodists, should “withhold their support” until Duke reverses its new policy allowing the Muslim Call to Prayer on Fridays, said Rev. Franklin Graham, son of world renowned pastor Billy Graham.

“Duke University announced today that they will have a Muslim call to prayer from their Chapel bell tower every Friday,” said Rev. Graham on his Facebook page on Jan. 14.

“As Christianity is being excluded from the public square and followers of Islam are raping, butchering, and beheading Christians, Jews, and anyone who doesn’t submit to their Sharia Islamic law, Duke is promoting this in the name of religious pluralism,” he said.

“I call on the donors and alumni to withhold their support from Duke until this policy is reversed,” added Rev. Graham, who lives in Boone, N.C., and is the president of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA).

Duke University’s Christy Lohr Sapp, the chapel’s associate dean, said the policy was being introduced to show “larger commitment to religious pluralism that is at the heart of Duke’s mission," reported in Durham, N.C.

The Muslim chaplain at Duke, Imam Adeel Zeb, said, "The collective Muslim community is truly grateful and excited about Duke’s intentionality toward religious and cultural diversity.”

Duke University, a private college, was founded by Methodists and Quakers in 1838 and grew early on through the financial support of the highly successful businessmen and respected Methodists Julian Carr and Washington Duke.

Reverend Graham has often spoken about the dangers of radical Islam.

On Fox’s Greta Van Susteren on May 5, 2010, Rev. Graham said, “First of all, Greta, I said Islam, after 9/11, I said that Islam was wicked and evil. I don't believe that Mohammed can lead anybody to God. I believe Jesus Christ is the way, the truth, and life.”

“I don't like what Muslims do to women,” he said.  “This is a big issue for me, is how they treat women. This to me is just hard what they do.”

“[Y]ou have to look at the religion and what they teach,” Rev. Graham continued.  “What the Qur'an actually teaches. It says you cannot take a Christian to be your friend, you cannot take a Jew to be your friend.  And Greta, if you were a Muslim and wanted to convert to Christianity or Judaism, if you did not repent and turn back to Islam, your family would kill you.”


As Long as Obama Brought Up the Cost of College...

I gather from Obama’s “free” community college proposal that his plan for dealing with the Republican Congress over the next two years is to throw out ridiculously expensive ideas no one has ever heard of before, and then denounce Republicans for being naysayers.

Community college is already incredibly inexpensive. The only thing that will jack up the price is making it “free.” How about a big federal program to provide every American with free toilet paper? Coincidentally, that’s about all most college degrees are good for these days.

Obama’s moronic proposal has presented the GOP with a fantastic opportunity. Since he brought it up, how about Republicans get to the bottom of why college is so expensive?

The cost of a college education has increased by more than 1,000 percent only since 1978. Nothing else has gone up that much – not health care, consumer goods or home prices. The explosion in college tuition bears no relation to anything happening in the economy.

Would anyone argue that colleges are providing a better education today than in 1978? I promise you: People coming out of college in the ‘50s knew more than any recent Yale graduate – unless we’re only counting knowledge of sexual practices once considered verboten.

They’re teaching gender studies, ethnic studies, moral equivalence and hatred of America. Did the Japanese Really Start World War II or Did We? It’s worse than not reading Shakespeare. They’re reading Shakespeare for homosexual imagery. As Yale professor Daniel Gelernter says, colleges are “threatening to become an elaborate, extremely expensive practical joke.”

The fact that 80 percent of Weathermen – the violent '60s radicals – are full college professors tells you all you need to know about the state of higher education today.

The cost of college spirals continuously upward not because the product has gotten better – it’s gotten much, much worse – but because college loans are backed by the taxpayer.

The government is chasing its tail every time it increases student financial aid. If the government hiked college loans and subsidies by $1 million per student, colleges would promptly raise tuition to: [current tuition] plus $1 million.

Americans are being bamboozled into paying any price for a college degree because they are relentlessly told that if they don’t go to college, their lives will be hell. And they’re told this not only by the colleges, but by the government.

The sales pitch is manifestly false. According to an article by Adam Davidson in The New York Times magazine last June, “(m)ore than half of recent college graduates are unemployed or underemployed, meaning they make substandard wages in jobs that don’t require a college degree.” Evidently, most jobs don’t depend on a degree in women’s studies.

More than a third of college graduates, Davidson says, will never make enough money to repay their student loans.

If any other business made such false claims about a product, there would be massive congressional hearings, media denunciations and prison sentences for the CEOs. A college degree is the most expensive purchase most families will ever make, other than their home.

Right before our eyes, Democrats are colluding with colleges to create a market bubble for an increasingly worthless product, and they’re doing it by making the exact same promise that banks made about home mortgages before the housing market crash: Sure it’s a lot, but it’s an investment in your future!

Instead of hauling college administrators to court, Democrats are active participants in the fraud, acting as Big Education’s carnival barkers. It’s as if the government is telling people: “If you don’t smoke, you’ll never be cool.”

Why is the left not willing to admit that education is an industry, just like Lockheed Martin, Enron or Philip Morris? Democrats love to rail about the high costs of everything else – pharmaceuticals, health care, mortgages, missile systems, contraception and so on. College is a business, too – a cartel that fixes prices, preys on teenagers and lies to consumers.

But liberals won’t make a peep about the College Industrial Complex because college professors are brainwashing students into leftist politics. Every year, another 10 million graduates emerge, hating God, their parents, America and Republicans. For this, parents are spending $50,000 a year.

The education industry is how leftists make capitalists pay for socialism. It was a smart move for cultural Marxists to capture the country’s education establishment. GOOD THINKING, CULTURAL MARXISTS!

It’s not the fault of the students that they’re getting a crappy product at inflated prices. They’ve been lied to by shady education peddlers, including the Democratic Party.

Let’s see if the middle class is more interested in the cost of college tuition or the Democrats’ endless global warming initiatives.


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