Sunday, January 17, 2016

Wheaton College Moves to Terminate Universalist Professor

Last month, Wheaton College, an evangelical institution located just outside Chicago, suspended one of its professors, Larycia Hawkins, for a remark on Facebook claiming Christians and Muslims “worship the same God.” In a Dec. 16 statement, the school wrote that Dr. Hawkins' “views … appear to be in conflict with the College’s Statement of Faith.”

Shortly thereafter, on Jan. 5, the administration announced formal proceedings to end her employment with the school. The decision caused predictable backlash. Writing in National Review, David French explains why “The Radical Left Will Never Let Christian Colleges Be Christian”:

    "Terminating a Christian professor — or any other employee of a Christian institution — for expressing beliefs out of line with the organization’s statement of faith is common and should be uncontroversial. Christian organizations have the same right to define their mission and message as any other expressive organization. Does anyone think it’s unjust that the Sierra Club won’t hire fracking advocates or that LGBT activist organizations aren’t open to Christian conservatives?

But this is Christian higher education, and the Left is taking direct aim at Christian academic freedom and institutional liberty. In 2014, it launched an ill-fated attack on Gordon College’s accreditation, and last month the LGBT Left issued a report loudly condemning Christian colleges for having the audacity to exercise their statutory and constitutional right to opt out of Title IX. So it should come as no surprise that the Left is rallying around Professor Hawkins, trying to pressure Wheaton into yielding on its statement of faith. …

    So far, the Left has merely used its powers of persuasion to try to move Wheaton from its statement of faith, but Gordon College’s recent ordeal shows that schools that don’t conform to leftist orthodoxy may soon face consequences far worse than a barrage of negative news coverage, and cases like Hawkins’s will be the pretext."


UK: Jobcentres in schools to target pupils as young as 12: Staff to enter classrooms to give advice on apprenticeships and help children gain work experience

Jobcentre staff are to set up shop in schools to target children as young as 12 to prevent them slipping into a life on the dole.

For the first time, youngsters will be targeted before they even come close to approaching school leaving age.

Staff who would normally be based inside jobcentres will go into classrooms and common rooms to give them advice on apprenticeships and help them to secure work experience.

Of young people who have left full-time education three quarters are in work, which is the highest in a decade.

But ministers want to target at an early stage children who are in danger of becoming so-called NEETs, which means they are not in employment, education or training.

They believe that an earlier a child is encouraged, the less likely they are to fall into a life on benefits.

Iain Duncan Smith, the work and pensions secretary, said: ‘Extending Jobcentre support into schools will have a dramatic and enormously positive impact on young people’s prospects - helping to ensure that the transition from school to their next pursuit is a smooth and positive one.

‘This scheme is fundamentally about social mobility and social justice - ensuring we give all young people the best chance to get on in life.

‘I have boundless ambition for this country’s young people, and through this scheme we will support them to achieve their full potential.’

For years, the rules stated that jobcentres were not allowed to help the unemployed until they turned 18.  Trials have taken place targeting 16 and 17-year-olds, with a view to extending it to 14 and 15 year-olds.

Ministers have now decided that the best way to break the cycle of welfare dependency is to help children almost from the moment they enter secondary school.

It is a key part of David Cameron’s pledge to end youth unemployment.

Employment Minister Priti Patel said: ‘We want every young person, regardless of their background, to be able to get on and reach their full potential.

‘That is why we are focusing on quality early years childcare, education and making sure every young person is either earning or learning – so that they get the best start in life.’

Ministers are already targeting school-leavers at the point when they first lodge a claim.

Over the first three-weeks of their claim, they are expected to spend 71 hours practicing job applications, and interview techniques, as well as hunting for work. The goal is to get them into a job within six months.

The Government hopes that its efforts to get more adults into work will also pay off, when it comes to encouraging youngsters into employment.

Following a raft of changes to the benefits system since 2010, the number of children growing up in homes in which nobody has a job has plummeted by 478,000.

The overall number of households where no one was in work fell to the lowest on record in 2015 – almost 700,000 fewer than in 2010.

Research has suggested children raised in homes where no-one works are less likely to enter employment themselves.


Nutty Professor in CA Tells Deluded Tales of Terrorism, Endangers Students

A California college professor was caught on camera telling tall tales about terrorism to his students.

A newly-released video shows a professor at the University of California, Merced (UC-Merced) teaching his students that 90 percent of terrorist attacks in America are conducted by white men who are “religiously motivated and politically conservative.”

The video, recorded in October, was released by The College Fix. It shows professor Ross Avila lecturing his “Introduction to Psychology” class on the topic of heuristics, mental shortcuts people use when trying to assess information or solve problems.

To illustrate his point, Avila said that most Americans assume Muslims are the country’s largest terror threat because they haven’t thought about the matter systematically.

“Ninety percent [of terrorist attacks in the U.S.] are from these white Caucasian men,” Avila tells the class. “I am not saying white men are evil – but that is what we should be thinking about. Usually they are people who are religiously motivated and politically conservative.”

This statement underscores the absurdity of modern liberalism, where no amount of evidence, not even evidence of a vast Islamic terror cell in California, can challenge politically correct notions about race and creed. What began as benign, impress your friends at liberal cocktail parties chatter has come to infect American foreign and intelligence policy in a way that could do irreversible damage to our nation. It needs to stop.


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