Monday, October 30, 2006

Bureaucratized Georgia public schools show typical bureaucratic rigidity and stupidity

They can only work an on/off switch once a year!

Students and teachers at one DeKalb County school say the freezing temperatures we saw overnight made it awful chilly inside their classrooms. They can't understand why the school system wouldn't turn on the heat. The school system says no matter how cold it gets, it's their practice to turn the heat on in all schools on October 30. Students and teachers say when the temperatures dip into the 30's, like it did overnight and this morning, it is hard to study without heat.

"It was freezing. We were doing testing today and I couldn't even concentrate," said Briar Vista Elementary School student Beleyou Leulesged. "It was like you were covered in snow," said student Kaylah Edwards. If you thought it was cold outside overnight and at daybreak, students at Briar Vista say it was even colder inside their school most of the day. When students and teachers complained about the frigid conditions and asked for the heat to be turned on, they say they were told they were not going to turn on the heat until Thanksgiving.

A DeKalb County Schools spokesperson told Channel 2 that's not entirely true. We found out the school district doesn't turn on the heat system-wide until October 30. And once the heat is on for all schools - it stays on. "But I mean, what's the problem if you turn it on now and for the rest of the months," asked Leulesged.

The school system did tell us that principals can petition to have their heat turned on before October 30. But if it warms up, the heat won't be turned off - so many principals choose to wait.

Kayla Edwards told us it was tough for students to take their tests because of the chill factor. "Some people only had on sweaters and they were still complaining about how cold it was," said Edwards. Teachers say classrooms that were facing the sun were okay, but the others felt like the North Pole


More Christianity coming to Australian Schools

Chaplains will be posted in schools across Australia under a federal Government plan to provide students with greater spiritual guidance. Prime Minister John Howard will today unveil details of the $90 million national chaplaincy program, which also aims to give support to students during times of grief. The initiative, which was immediately criticised for discriminating in favour of Christians, was approved by Cabinet earlier this month.

Today's announcement follows last weekend's fatal car crash near Byron Bay which killed four teenagers from Kadina High School. It also follows the tragic death of a Sydney high school student who was found dead the night before her first HSC exam.

Under the plan, government and non-government schools will be able to apply for a grant of up to $20,000 a year to employ a chaplain. The federal Government wants to encourage schools to spend more time developing the ethical and spiritual health of students. While not necessarily requiring to have a religious background, the chaplains will be expected to provide religious support. The chaplains will also be required to work with existing schools counsellors in supporting students dealing with issues such as a family break-up or the death of a fellow student. The program will leave it up to individual schools to decide on whether to employ a chaplain on a part-time or full-time basis.

Andrew Macintosh, of political think tank The Australia Institute, condemned the proposal as "ridiculous". "The money would be far better spent on teaching resources," he said. "And it is overtly discriminatory if you are only talking about Christian chaplains." It would be more appropriate to appoint professional counsellors without religious affiliations to provide support to students in times of grief, he said.



For greatest efficiency, lowest cost and maximum choice, ALL schools should be privately owned and run -- with government-paid vouchers for the poor and minimal regulation.

The NEA and similar unions worldwide believe that children should be thoroughly indoctrinated with Green/Left, feminist/homosexual ideology but the "3 R's" are something that kids should just be allowed to "discover"

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