Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Britain's dehumanizing bureaucracy again

Father's fury as school fails to notify him when his son, 7, went missing... but they insist they 'followed correct procedure'

A fuming father has told how a school failed to notify him when his seven-year-old son went missing.  Keaton Wyles is said to have completed a treacherous walk home across two busy main roads after strolling out of his school’s open gates.

His father Adam Wyles, 31, claims staff took 20 minutes to contact police and failed to notify him of his son’s disappearance.

The youngster was eventually returned to Greenfields Community Primary School, Maidstone, Kent, by staff after he was spotted outside his family home.

Headteacher Dan Andrews said staff 'followed the correct procedure' and Keaton was 'not wandering around on his own'.

But Adam was left furious and is calling on the school to tighten its security.  He said: 'My wife had a text from a neighbour saying ‘Is everything ok? Keaton is out front.’  'My wife was in town and I was at work. She had to phone the school to find out what had happened.  'There was no phone call at all to my wife’s mobile or my contact numbers by the school.

'The school rung the police at 11am and said Keaton had been missing for about 15 to 20 minutes on their log so they hadn’t got a clue where he was.

'We asked why we weren’t informed, as I have three sons in that school and they all have contact details.'

Head teacher Dan Andrews said: 'I am perfectly happy with what happened. I’m confident that all of my staff followed the correct procedure.  'As soon as he chose to leave, the police were called and he was returned to the school promptly and safely for the afternoon session.'

Mr Andrews said Keaton was 'at no point wandering around on his own', but declined to elaborate on the steps staff took to bring him back to school.


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