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Leftist penetration of the service academies

A commander in chief can bypass Congress on many of his executive branch agendas — he just issues marching orders to cabinet secretaries and that becomes policy. Yes, Congress has some ability to object by way of vetting nominations and budgets, but the Left’s social devolution agendas bypass those checks and balances.

As those agendas go, perhaps the most harmful implementation was between 2009 and 2017, the years Barack Obama was able to install military leaders who would carry out his social agenda across service branches – particularly his homosexual agenda. There has been and still is much degradation in the ranks as a consequence of his deep-state residuals among military “leaders.”

There was no better place to implement those destructive agendas than in our nation’s military service academies, where future officers are taught military doctrine. Despite the fact their principal obligation is “to support and defend” our nation’s Constitution, they are now expected to support and defend leftist social doctrines.

Last fall, I highlighted the case of an overtly communist cadet at West Point. His anti-American rants were known by USMA commanding officers, who, despite his violation UCMJ regulations, were unwilling to take action. That case was not so much about the cadet as it was about the failure of military leadership.

However, as service academies go, it is the Air Force Academy that became the primary target for implementing Obama’s social agenda, because it was the most faithful and conservative of the institutions. In 2013, The Patriot Post uncovered and halted an effort by the Obama administration to remove “so help me God” from military oaths, starting with the USAFA cadet and officer oaths.

Obama’s parting shot at USAFA was his elevation of Kristin Goodwin to take over as commandant of the U.S. Air Force Academy. BrigGen Goodwin has sufficient qualifications for the post, and most military officers would dutifully say that if she has the skillset, that is what matters most. But the qualification that most interested Obama was not her skillset, but the fact that she has a “wife.” Despite concerns registered with Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis last year, neither the Trump administration nor Congress were going to object to Goodwin’s appointment at risk of offending the largest block of “gay” sympathizers, women voters.

Once Goodwin arrived at USAFA, it did not take long for the effluent of her appointment to emerge. At USAFA’s 25th National Character and Leadership Symposium this month, the theme was “Ethics and Respect For Human Dignity.” Nobody is against that!. But what that translated into under Goodwin was as described: “This year’s NCLS speakers’ stories will focus on the value and importance of ethics and respect for human dignity across personal and professional cultures. The challenges of a multicultural world require individuals to cast aside their own overt or covert biases towards gender, racial, religious, or sexual identities in order to create an environment that facilitates ethical leadership and decision-making as well as personal and professional respect for their fellow human beings.”

In other words, among the symposium’s featured presenters were gender-confused military personnel and Marxists, selected to model the “ethics and character” military officers need to adopt, once they “cast aside their own overt or covert biases,” in order to be effective leaders. Trump may be CINC, but military readiness continues to take a lot of “friendly fire”!


Dad Questions Principal on Anti-Gun School Walkout, Gets empty Answers

On March 14, thousands of students in schools all across the country participated in what was billed as a national walkout for school safety in honor of the victims of the Parkland, Florida school shooting. In reality, the walkout was little more than an agenda-driven protest in demand of strict gun control laws.

Needless to say, not all students and parents were thrilled at the tacit endorsement of a divisive political issue by the school administrations who allowed or even encouraged the walkouts to occur. Some parents let their children’s schools know exactly how displeased they were.

According to Independent Journal Review, one of those parents was a father named John Gunn, who visited the principal of his son’s school — Barbara Boggio of the Ventura Unified School District — in her office the next day to demand answers. He recorded the confrontation on his cell phone and subsequently posted the video online.

In the video, Gunn declined to specifically identify himself other than to state that he was a parent of one of Boggio’s students, and he largely kept the phone by his side during the encounter. But he did capture the entirety of their conversation, and the non-answers the principal gave in response to his pointed questions left much to be desired.

“I want to know who authorized these kids to go out and leave the class when I wasn’t even notified about it,” Gunn demanded.

“As our school planned for who and what, we anticipated something …” Boggio replied before she was interrupted as Gunn incredulously stated, “6th graders? 6th graders? When do 6th graders make decisions?”

“When do 12-year-olds make decisions?” he continued. “You’re an adult, you’re the school, you’re supposed to teach my child. You don’t influence my child in any which way. Democrat, liberal, Republican, whatever it is. I want it out of the school system.” Boggio seemingly agreed with all of this.

“So why did my son have to sit in that class — because he didn’t leave — but why wasn’t I notified?” Gunn pressed, to which Boggio replied that “if the student chose to leave, that’s their choice.”

“What do you mean that’s their choice? They’re 6th graders!” he shot back in disbelief. “If this wasn’t a protest and this wasn’t happening, you would let the kid leave? If this was not a protest yesterday across the country about gun control or whatever it is, you would have let the kids just leave?”

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To both of those questions, the principal merely replied that she and the school would “make sure they are safe,” to which Gunn countered by stating that keeping them safe would include keeping them inside the classroom and not allowing them to leave the premises without permission.

Gunn mentioned on more than one occasion that he had retained a lawyer and was considering suing the school district, and repeatedly demanded to know who had given the OK for teachers to allow students to leave their classes for the protest, as somebody would have had to authorize it.

“I would never make a teacher ever shut the door and keep a student inside the classroom,” was Boggio’s response. Not getting a direct answer out of the principal, Gunn eventually succeeded in obtaining the name and phone number of the district superintendent and left to take it up with him.

According to IJR, Gunn made contact with the office of the district superintendent, Dave Creswell, but was told he was in a meeting.

IJR themselves reached out to both the principal and superintendent, but received only the statement “I won’t be making any comments” from Boggio and no response whatsoever from Creswell’s office.

This is insane and utterly indefensible, in that the principal essentially admitted that she would not stop a 12-year-old student from leaving the school on his or her own volition, even as the school is tasked with keeping students in the classroom to remain safe and learn, not wander off on their own to do whatever they want.

The response from the school principal to the father’s direct questions about the walkout and who authorized or allowed it was nothing short of unacceptable. He had every right to be furious at her decided non-answers to his queries.


Sydney university lecturer cancels a class due to be held in church in case it offended his gay students

Just an attention-seeker

A university lecturer has cancelled a class due to be held in a church for fear it would offend his LGBTQI students.

University of Technology Sydney communications lecturer Dr Timothy Laurie emailed his students two days before lectures were due to begin saying class was cancelled due to 'the suitability of a church as a venue'.

St Barnabas Anglican Church in Ultimo, inner-city Sydney, was a temporary venue the university turned to during planned construction.

'We welcome religious pluralism at UTS, [but with] the heated political climate… around the marriage equality postal survey and the Safe Schools Coalition has meant that we need to redouble our support of the LGBTQI community at UTS and Beyond,' Dr Laurie said.

'[We must] recognise instances where this may come into conflict with specific religious institutions.'

One of Dr Laurie's students questioned his decision and slammed it as 'political posturing'.

'I am happy to learn in a church, a mosque, a temple, a lecture hall, a museum and have the utmost gratitude for any institution willing to offer me such services,' they told The Daily Telegraph.

Dr Laurie said a make-up class was scheduled in a different building and the students did not miss any teachings. 


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